27 July 2017: Braughing to Ardeley via Thundridge

Thursday morning saw Maurice, John, Chris, Sandra, Andrew and Brian gathering in the car park of The Golden Fleece in Braughing, Landlord Peter coming out to greet us and take our orders for lunch. We tried persuading him to join us for the ride but he declined; all work and no play, eh?

Nicely parked, Maurice

Maurice had planned a new route; setting off from Braughing, we followed him through Barwick, Thundridge, Sacombe and Benington. Rain threatened but didn’t materialise – and John tried on several occasions to tempt us into some off road excursions, which we respectfully declined.

John urges Maurice to take a shortcut across a ploughed field

We pulled in for a coffee and cake stop at Church Farm, Ardeley. Refreshed and revived, we made short work of the return leg to The Fleece where, having clocked up a respectable 30 miles, we tucked into a well earned lunch and a restorative pint of Peter’s best. Bliss!

Chris, Maurice, Brian & Sandra take a breather

Thanks are due to Maurice – for planning another great route – and to Andrew for getting us all organised.

Here is Andrew’s recording – with photos attached – of our ride.

Screenshot 2017-07-28 at 17.09.37
30 miles clockwise from Braughing

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