8 May 2017: Chilly but refreshing

Monday evening and, despite the chill, it was another good turnout for the Windmillers. Our team roster was: Maurice, Martin, Ken, Anne, Andrew R, Andrew G, Steve, Chris, Keith, Sandra and Brian; enough for a football team.

Oi, Martin! What u doin?

Keen to get us warmed up, Maurice led us out of the Pheasant car park at a fair old clip; we were off on a 20 mile jaunt taking in Elmdon, Littlebury Green, Arkesden and Langley Lower Green. And indeed it was at Langley, while passing The Bull, some innocent was heard to say, “Never been in there; what’s it like?” That was it; quick as a flash and in unison we had dismounted, abandoned the bikes and trooped inside to order pints all round. Even better, Martin declared this was to be his round; a belated birthday celebration. Good man!

Martin, Anne and Ken pause for a breather in Arkesden
Maurice tries reverse gear

Then it was back on the bikes for the short return ride to The Pheasant. We like to keep well refreshed!

Thanks Maurice for leading the way.


20 miles on a chilly Monday evening

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