24 April 17 – A small pack.

With our intrepid leader Maurice and Deputy Dawg (Andrew) away in the west country with Two Scones (Keith), hopefully finding some fantastic Devon/Cornish Cream Teas to fuel their cycling exploits. I was tasked with organising this weeks ride and in true Storm Sandra fashion, Mother Nature took over and the weather changed for the worse to the potential of showers throughout the day, easing in the evening or so they said!!!

Determined even with no takers to get out and ride, I loaded up and headed for the Pheasant just in case anyone else had turned out. Surprised to find Husky Andrew was waiting, great I’m not Noddy No Mates after all!! Not expecting any others and the rain starting to fall, we donned the wet weather gear and set off in the direction for Elmdon, Andrew initially leading the Pack (not sure if Two creates a Pack), he’s used to being in charge of more when out with his dogs and they are probably better behaved than me too! Taking in Ickleton, Strethall, Littelbury Green, Arkesden, Duddenhoe End, Chrishall, it rained on and off pretty much all the way around but we were almost dry by the time we arrived back at The Pheasant, thankful for a warming fire and some well-earned refreshments, great beer and the fantastic Goujons and chips provided by Ollie and Simon, thank you so much.

Just the two of us, Windmillers.jpg

20 miles clockwise.

Thanks Andrew for being brave enough to join me, Sandra.

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