Six years of the Windmill Club -Update

We started the Windmill Cycling Club on April 21 2011, it was a 25 mile ride round and back to the Pheasant.  I think those participating were Ken Worthing, John Tarrington, Simon and myself.

Some of the charities we have supported are Macmillan Cancer Support,  East Anglian Children’s Hospice, Cystic Fibrosis, Khandel light, MSUK and Cancer Research UK.   The total money raised has been £5481.

I’d like to thank the whole club for all their efforts and the new blogs that have built the club up to where it is today.  Big thanks to Andrew and Martin, Brian, Sandra (the three bloggers) and also to Simon and Ollie at the Pheasant.

I hope we have many more years of cycling friendship.

Best wishes

One reply on “Six years of the Windmill Club -Update”

Thanks to you I found a really enjoyable way of getting good exercise and good fellowship at the same time, introduced to me by Ken Worthing. Despite various tribulations since starting riding with you, I have had great benefit and fun from your company and it’s mostly down to you personally, Maurice. So thanks very much and I shall enjoy joining you for lunch this Thursday.

Best wishes,




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