3 April. Light evening ride. 25 miles

Taking advantage of the light evenings now upon us, four Windmillers – Maurice, Andrew, Sandra and Martin – set off from The Pheasant on yet another thirst creating cruise around the lanes, with cod goujons and chips also to look forward to at the end. The evening was fine and warm, almost knobbly knee weather all round. It was a nice surprise to have Maurice join us as he was expected to be boating in Cornwall instead. Here is the route we took:


Don’t believe the figures above – it was not dead flat the whole way!

En route we waved hello to John T and Andrew G in Nuthamsted but caught sight of neither, otherwise The Woodman might have beckoned. So on we cruised, stopping for a rest about half way in Brent Pelham where there is a very fine tree trunk carved to commemorate our Monarch’s Diamond Jubilee in the form of love seats which our Windmillers had to test out of course:

Lovie dovies in Brent Pelham – two’s company, three’s a crowd?
St Mary’s Church, Brent Pelham, with spring bursting out all around it

The return route via familiar roads to Langley Upper Green, Duddenhoe End, Chrishall, the sunset boulevard to Heydon and back to The Pheasant completed a very pleasant evening ride – may there be many more to come over the next 6 months. Thanks to Andrew for organising it.

Moley Martin

Grumpy mole

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