23 January -Tally Ho, Barkway

What looked like was going to be a lovely sunny afternoon ride for Maurice, Andrew and Sandra didn’t take long to deteriorate. We set off from the Tally Ho, Barkway heading towards Shaftenhoe End. Well, Maurice took off down Barkway High Street, with what appeared to be a motorised bike, either that or he’d been on the spinach. We did catch him up and felt sure we could hear the whirring of a motor but haven’t managed to prove it yet.

Shaftenhoe End to Little Chishill, Langley Lower Green, Sheepcote Green, Clavering and Starlings Green where we stopped to reassure Andrew that he hadn’t been seeing things or drinking prior to previously passing this particular field, where he was convinced he’d seen an Emu. The elusive bird wasn’t obvious to start but it appeared in the distance, not an Emu but a smaller relative a Rhea, sanity restored, well sort of!! Also noticed in amongst the buildings was a Range Rover Andrew had a lucky escape by not purchasing. A little bit of detective work proved that all was not as it seemed and best left.

Pelham Gate to Brent Pelham where the weather started to close in and showed signs of turning foggy, as well as getting colder. Route revised and shortened, so we headed back to Barkway via Meesden and Anstey. 17.3 miles and a lovely welcome back at The Tally Ho.

Thanks to Maurice and Andrew for organising another very pleasant ride and shaparoning me along the way, some laddish bantor along the way always adds to the fun.

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