19 December. Looking gloomy.

It was almost the shortest day of the year and extremely gloomy when five Windmillers rode forth at 2.00pm on a 20 mile ride circuit from The Tally Ho in Barkway, taking in Therfield, a short hairy stretch of the A505, Sandon, Buntingford, Wyddial, Anstey Quarry and back to the welcoming fire at The Tally Ho.  Led by Maurice, the others comprised Andrew, Keith, Sandra and Martin.

In Sandon we sang carols outside JohnB’s house followed by a loud knocking on his front door in the hope of mulled wine and mince pies. But all to no avail! John appeared clutching a pint, saying how nice it was in front of the Aga……….. However, we had no time to stop in any event as the gloom was thickening  by the minute and we still had another 10 miles to go.

Back at The Tally Ho, the Windmillers tried their best to be as gloomy as the weather but such are the spirits of your average Windmiller they found it very difficult to follow suit, as this selfie shows:

Windmillers find it difficult to be gloomy!




Thanks, Maurice, for brightening up a gloomy day!

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