3 October. A black run of 26 miles via Manuden

Although Maurice’s map offered three alternative rides, neither of the two easier rides got much of a look in as seven intrepid Windmiller’s set off at a pace at 4.30pm on yet another fine autumn, if not summer, evening. As well as Maurice, other members of the Puff were Deputy Dawg Andrew, Captain Keith Pugwash, John B the shepherd boy, Sandra Shearer, Moley Martin and Tim Goode. Progress was slowish to Manuden, which now has a pothole free High Street, and light was beginning to fade by the time Lower Langley was reached. Despite this, refreshments were called for by Keith, John and Moley, whilst the others returned to the Pheasant via Little Chishill with the exception of Tim who, having had a narrow brush with a car in Manuden, returned via Duddenhoe End. Here is the route taken by most:


Eventually, all assembled for copious helpings of goujons and chips in the Pheasant, washed down with some fine beer, and we were also joined by Sandra’s husband Steve.

Thanks, Maurice for organising the ride. We all wish his wife Lyn well with the treatment she has been having along with Kell and John (Titanium) Tarrington, all of whom we hope to see again very soon.


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