26 September.Evening ride with global warming bonus

The evenings may be drawing in, necessitating a 5.00pm start from The Pheasant, but, thanks to global warming, temperatures remain in the high teens which made for a very pleasant ride around the lanes for six Windmillers on this late September evening. Led by Maurice, his faithful followers included Deputy Dawg Andrew, Captain Keith Pugwash Jr, Lyn the lovely shepherdess, Bridget the shoe discarder and the Revd Moley Martin. The 18 mile run took in Heydon, Elmdon, Duddenhoe End, Langley Upper Green, Clavering, Meesden, Nuthamsted, Shaftenhoe End and back to the Pheasant for well earned drinks and succulent goujons, where we were joined by the shepherd himself, John B, and the other lady in his life Darcey, their slim-as-a-ballerina black labrador.

En route conversation varied as always around many assorted topics including a new luxury shepherd’s hut for John B that his shepherdess Lyn had arranged to be delivered, and which we are all looking forward to seeing, and Bridget’s dislike of John’s cleated bike shoes that she has consigned to the bin following his recent accident, from which he is making a remarkably quick recovery. We hope to see Titanium John back with us very soon.

Darcey and friend hoping for a few crumbs from pleasant Pheasant diners

Thanks once again to Maurice and Deputy Dawg Andrew for organising a very enjoyable ride. We have raised over £700 for charity so far this year and so let’s have some big turnouts between now and Christmas and exceed £1000 once again!



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