31 March 16 Widdington -Then there were 7


31 March 16 Brians photo

Nine keen cyclist arrived at the Fleur De Lis Widdington in brilliant sunlight ready for another Maurice adventure. On the advice of our leader it was suggested Kell meet us somewhere between Finchingfield and Helions Bumpstead as it was his first ride (welcome back Kell) -then there were 8.

Our route took us past Debden, Wimbish, Radwinter following a narrow track to Ashdon  aptly named Water Lane through two fords. Unfortunately John T wasn’t feeling 100% and decided to turn back just before Ashdon  – Then there were 7.

Our route took us past Ashdon up to Steventon End skirting past Tim Vesty’s estate towards Helions Bumpstead and onwards past Spains Hall and Finchingfield. enroute Brummie Brian’s front tyre ingested a shard of glass resulting  a puncture repair at the roadside


John B not being particularly mechanically minded conveniently found a bench to relax and enjoy the spring morning sunshine.

Following a perfect coffee stop at Finchingfield where we sat outside observing a number of  small pelton’s racing by -where I would add Two Scones had no scones however Rod  consumed a gigantic chocolate brownie, we made a hasty retreat via Little Sampford, Thaxted, Henham and up a nasty little hill to the sanctuary of the Fleur Di Lys and a glorious two course meal washed down by various types of amber nectar.

Kell the old sport donned his lycra and cycled up to the pub from Newport – and then there were 8

Andrew Agatha Christie  31 March 16 Brians photo 2


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