Two Dawgs and a Maurice go Cycling

Monday 29th Feb 16 – Deputy Dawg Andrew, Husky Andrew & Squadron Leader Maurice set of from club HQ The Pheasant  for a very pleasant 20 mile ride passing  Nuthampstead, Meesden, Brent Pelham, Starlings Green, the two windmills,  Langley Upper, Duddenhoe End and Chrishall, only to be met by the Right Reverend Holy Moley cycling in the opposite direction. Moley taking some essential exercise after a heavy lunch at the Worshipful Company of Stationers.

After a successful ride we were welcomed back to HQ by slow puncture Simon and Deputy Dawgs Dawg. The lights were on on the pub and all and sundry enjoyed a well deserved refreshment follow by goujons and chips.

Much to the approval of John Bagrie no photographs were taken on this excursion 🙂



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