Simon’s cycling reunited 28th Dec 15

Windmillers 1Monday 28th Dec was a momentous day when we welcomed Simon back in the saddle after nearly 12 months absence.As we gathered outside The Pheasant Simon looked like a lost boy with two flat tyres. Deputy Dawg to the rescue and within minutes Simon was no longer deflated.

Andrew Dawg , Lindsey Dawgs assistant,  Brummie Brian and Simon set off in near perfect conditions passing Barway – Nuthampstead – Ansty -Brent Pelham- Roast Green -Langley -Duddenhoe End etc etc.

The route perhaps should have been titled Cold War and Churches as the first point of interest was the Cold war bunker/ observation post near Brent Pelham where Brian who was so fascinated by Deputy Dawgs knowledge of the Cold War – fell off his bike missing a large puddle by inches.

Next point of interest was a detour to The Hamlet Church at Duddenhoe End which unknown to me is a 16th century barn converted to a church in 1859 -all riders dismounted for a visit inside.

From Duddenhoe End it was a brisk cycle up the Chrishall with Turbo Lindsey taking the lead. This was followed by a superb lunch at The Pheasant with the additional company of the Ryan Trio – Kell in Lycra no bike , Kells wife Glen and daughter Sinead.

Well done Simon -as they say in Scotland  ”

On Yer Bike Man”




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