Not strictly a Windmill Club ride……………………………….

On Thursday 15 October, Ken W and Martin W deserted their fellow members to take part in a 70km bike ride around the Peak District organised by a specialist bike tour company, Le Domestique, and which was sponsored by Barclays Bank. Starting and finishing at Bakewell, the hills were more challenging than our usual Thursday rides, including a short 25% incline, and climbing to 425 metres at one point. The steep descents on muddy lanes were quite scary. A half way stop at Buxton provided a much needed coffee and tart (of the Bakewell variety) for the return leg, the ride taking 5.25 hours in total. Although Ken and Martin were the tail end Charlies the whole way, they somehow survived the ordeal. The weather was overcast and wet at times but when the scenery could be seen, it was stunning.

Here is a link to the route taken. Note the elevation plot!

Buxton Opera House
Buxton Opera House

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