27 April. Gastronomic ride around Essex lanes. 32 miles.

The Red Lion in Great Sampford is one of The Windmill Club’s favourite pubs, and it’s not hard to understand why – perfect Italian food in a cosy English pub. And this ride around quiet Essex lanes is also a favourite.

Nine gastronomic Windmillers were due to assemble around 9.15am but Graham suffered a puncture en route from Ickleton and Martin W, the silly Rev, got as far as Radwinter before realising he had left behind a key component of the fabulous e-bike on loan to him through the generosity of club member Iain – the all important control screen without which the bike goes nowhere, unless one chooses to pedal upwards of 30kg manually. So a quick call to his missus resulted in a meeting half way to collect the missing item (plus a water bottle also forgotten) and he eventually departed at 10.00am in turbo mode.

It wasn’t until Castle Hedingham that Graham and Martin caught up with the others who comprised Maurice, Andrew, Ken, Roger, Deborah, Simon and Martin B. Coffee at The Old Moat House was excellent and Martin B very kindly picked up the tab. Thanks Martin!

The Essex lanes and cottages were looking splendid in the Spring sunshine, although dodging potholes results in less opportunity to admire the surroundings.

This is St John the Baptist church in Little Yeldham, dating back to the 12th century and built largely with flint and pebbles. Several other churches were seen to be built with red bricks.
OK, some of us like old cars or tractors but this farmer clearly has a passion for old buses. The red London Transport single decker in the middle is a classic design.

Graham mentioned towards the end of the ride that he had already clocked up 1,000 metres of vertical climbing since leaving Ickleton and was looking forward to his lunch. What a feat – well done Graham. Just a bit of practice before a tour of the Dolomites apparently………

Back at The Red Lion the gastronomes tucked into some excellent Italian fare, washed down with fine English ales. This is what they had:

Windmill Club Lunch Red Lion Great Sampford
Thursday 27th April 23 13.00 Lunch

Andrew Soup and Chips
Simon Pork chop and chips
Roger Spaghetti alla Bolognese
Martin B Soup & Chips
Graham Risotto with prawns, mushroom, curry
Ken Seafood spiedino
Maurice Avocado,Salmon & Crayfish salad
Martin W Spaghetti with mixed seafood
Deborah Risotto curry with mushrooms & prawns

And this is the happy band:

Thanks go to Maurice for planning the route and to Andrew for organising the lunch.

This is where we went:

Martin W

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