27 November 17 – Will we won’t we!!

With the weather looking ominous, the call came in from Maurice – ‘Having spoken to Martin and the weather set for possible showers, What did I think, shall we go out or not?’  No pressure there then, the decision on my shoulders!! Having completed a Gran Fondo the day before, I probably needed to go to keep my legs in good condition but would be happy to stand down if no-one else wanted to go. The decision was made to meet at the Tally Ho 2.30pm and see if anyone turned out. Well the three musketeers formed, Maurice, Martin and Sandra. Would this be a good decision?!!

Well, I will say it was a bit windy and a tad cold but what do you expect for late November, why not throw in a bit of rain too!! Revisiting The Pheasant would be the route for this afternoon, so we headed North, passing Cockenhach estate before veering off to take in the many hills through Shaftenhoe End and up to Great Chishill, thankfully with the wind behind us going up, the dreaded 3 hills seemed a breeze at the start of the ride. Briefly stopping outside the Pheasant as the last few lunchtime diners were leaving with doggy bags in hand. On we pushed to Heydon, where Martin’s bike started to make strange noises, he pulled over to make a few adjustments just as the rain started, should only be minor repairs so we carried on and waited near the Elmdon turn, he caught us up but wasn’t happy with the repair but we carried on into Elmdon, where we pulled into a driveway to take a better look, the rain had stopped by now, thankfully. A mudguard stay had come adrift, so attention required, with both Maurice and Martin rummaging in their bags to find a nut that would suit the job (Maurice’s bag sounding more like a well stocked workshop drawer of nuts!!), I had a look and decided a cable tie would do and duly fixed the problem. Setting off again thankful that I hadn’t got carried away and put the cable tie through the spokes too (could have been interesting)!!

On to Duddenhoe End, Langley Lower Green, Meesden and Anstey before heading back to Barkway via the golf course, where the wind was particularly fierce!!

A warm welcome awaited us at the Tally Ho, pickled eggs and chips for some!!The Pheasant revisited.png

17.5 miles clockwise.

Thanks to Maurice for a great ride. It was well worth turning out for.


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