10 April. Sundown cowboys and a cowgirl go riding. 22 / 16 miles.

Another lovely Spring evening saw six cowboys and a solitary cowgirl congregate at The Pheasant at 5.30pm.  We split into two groups – Maurice, Andrew, Keith and Martin (cowboys in every sense of the word) in the first and John B, JohnT and Bridget T in the second (the respectable cowhands). The first group clocked up 22 miles and the second group 16 miles, with all arriving back at the Pheasant to devour succulent cod goujons and chips (well, all except Andrew who is on a diet) where we were also joined by Lynn B.

This is the route taken by Maurice, Andrew, Keith and Martin:

Bike ride 10 April 2017

The U turn after Rickling was caused partly by Keith and Martin not stopping for Maurice and Andrew at Rickling Church, who had different ideas for the way home. So having eventually met up we U-turned and proceeded back via Clavering, Upper Langley, Duddenhoe End, Chrishall and Heydon. The setting sun was spectacular and eventually a stop was made on the descent from Duddenhoe End for the statutory blog pics:

Bike ride 10 April 2017
Cowboys and their steeds 

Bike ride 2 10 April 2017

Bike ride 3 10 April 2017
Would you trust any of these cowboys?

Thanks once again to Maurice and Andrew for organising the ride.


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