8th December: Cruelty to cyclists

During this damp but dry ride (if that’s not a contradiction of terms) of 29 miles, Maurice was threatened with being reported to the RSPCC, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Cyclists, if he attempted to take us up another steep hill. The first, which he did warn us about beforehand, was, appropriately enough, not far after the village of Nasty but closer to Dane End. A granny cog hill it was indeed and we all struggled up it, with the exception of course of Tom who left rubber on the road before zooming up it first. A subsequent so called steep hill proved to be quite gentle and so we let Maurice off with a warning.

And so there were nine Windmillers in all riding around quiet Hertfordshire lanes; Maurice, Andrew, Vernon, Ken, Keith (back from a month in Portugal), Brian, Tom, Sandra and Martin (back from 3 weeks in South Africa). Starting at The Golden Fleece in Braughing, we took an anti-clockwise route through delightful lanes stopping for coffee at a steamy café in Ware which served good coffee and cakes. Here is the route taken:


All steamed up in Ware

After coffee we pedalled on through quiet but slippery lanes, taking care on the steep dips and avoiding potholes which resulted in a safe and uneventful journey for all.

Scene of a significant past bash held by Keith

On the way back we stopped on a bridge over a disused railway running from Ware to Buntingford which Maurice said he would like to restore one day………… His proposed labourers thought otherwise and sped back to Braughing where a splendid welcome was awaiting us and a table bedecked with crackers. The jokes were a bit corny though – What kind of motor bike does Santa ride? A Holly Davison of course!

Some take the high road and some take the low – Brian braving the Braughing ford
Festive faces

Thanks, Maurice, for organising a great ride and leading us safely through the lanes.

Moley Martin

For interest, a South African molehill


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