15 September. Misty in Therfield

Sandra, Keith, Vernon, John and Andrew at the Fox & Duck
Sandra, Keith, Vernon, John and Andrew at the Fox & Duck

A misty autumnal morning saw five Windmillers gathering in the car park of the Fox & Duck at Therfield; Andrew, John B, Keith and Brian giving a warm welcome to Sandra on this, her first Thursday outing with the gang.

Andrew had mapped out our general direction, a 30 mile circuit of North Hertfordshire and, this being his home turf, we left it to John B to pick out the choicest route through Dane End, Sandon, Rushden, Luffenhall and Weston to Baldock where we stopped for refreshment at the Delizia Café. The coffee was very good though John, finding the beer selection (Peroni or nothing) somewhat limited, opted instead for strawberry infused cider, a pink concoction which, we all agreed, looked a bit girly on him.

Refreshed, and now in glorious sunshine, we made short work of the return leg through Bygrave, Ashwell and Kelshall, returning to the Fox & Duck where we were joined by Vernon for a hearty lunch of steak sandwiches. As ever, the conversation ranged widely, everything from plastic fivers to the best way of shearing an alapaca (ask Sandra). In particular, we lamented the absence of our pal John T who we all hope to see out riding again soon.

31 miles in N.Herts
31 miles around North Herts

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