21 April. Back to Balsham

The attraction of the lanes around Balsham discovered last week resulted in a return visit, starting and finishing at The Black Bull. Maurice’s route took 10 members, the others being Deputy Dawg Andrew, Two Scones Keith, Brummie Brian, Hot Rod, Marmite Tom, Rick, Jimny Ken, John T and Moley Martin on a scenic 41 mile ride through very picturesque East Cambridgeshire and West Suffolk villages. Kell joined us at Dullingham, from where he had ridden from Balsham, and he and Andrew cycled back together to Balsham, but not via the recommended route. Together with other errors of course near the end, certain members may well have clocked up nearer to 45 miles. Congratulations especially to Kell for clocking up 23 miles.

Here is the route, anti-clockwise via West Wickham,  Great Thurlow, Hargrave, Barrow (coffee stop), Higham, Moulton, Cheveley, Stetchworth and Dullingham:

Windmill ride 21 April 2016

Spot the Lancaster buried into the thatch of this house in Great Thurlow:


En route we admired the sculptural efforts of a local farmer:


and also the very impressive bridge over the River Kennet in Moulton, which was clearly needed in times of flooding many years ago (where has all the water gone?), now adorned with impressive looking Windmillers, one who appears to be cocking his leg (Deputy Dawg of course):


And so back to The Black Bull for a well deserved pint and a good lunch, all feeling glad we hadn’t attended this unspecified public school whose closet rules, as displayed in the gents, were clearly disobeyed by most who used it:


So, from one miserable weak beast, rotten at games and work, let’s thank Maurice who is clearly innocent of these things for planning a superb route and guiding us around tiny lanes and only getting partially lost once!

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