21 March. A chain reaction ride.

Deputy Dawg Andrew led the way, hotly pursued by John B, Lyn, Bridget, Tom and Moley Martin, down to Little Chishill and then up the steep hill in the Langley direction. But only four riders climbed the hill, puffing and panting as they did so. Where were John and Lyn B? John appeared eventually to announce that Lyn’s chain had snapped at the bottom of the hill and so not wishing to leave a damsel in distress we all descended the hill to discover that it was well and truly bu*****d. We happened to be next to a footpath leading back to Great Chishill and John, wishing no doubt for brownie points, gallantly offered to swap bikes with Lyn and push her bike back to the Pheasant.

This chain reaction meant that the rest of us had to climb the hill for  a second time except for Lyn, who firstly had to get to grips with John’s gears…….. And so we continued towards Langley where Lyn and Bridget took a shorter route home whilst the lads returned via Clavering and Arkesden.

At Duddenhoe End we stopped briefly to admire the little Hamlet church:



Then it was full speed back to The Pheasant to meet up with the others and to warm up in front of a roaring fire and to consume some fine beers and goujons. The mileage was 17.5 for the lads and around 15 for the lassies.

Thanks, Deputy Dawg, for organising this chain reaction ride. Now let’s hear you sing it Diana Ross style!

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