29 April. Two Sorties from Nuthampstead; Flack from a Cycle shop van

Having passed the Woodman in Nuthampstead the previous Monday and found it open Deputy Dawg Andrew decided to arrange a cycle ride from The Woodman as they are now open on Mondays !!

Two cycling sorties left at different times. The first Sortie led by Andrew with Simon Oughton, Mike Barker and Mike (Mike Barker’s buddie( AKA The Two Mikes)

Second Sortie led by John Bargie with Lyn Bagrie and Bridget Tarrington – good to see the fair ladies back in the saddle for Mondays ride.

Andrew’s group completed 19.76 miles in 1hr 52m  leaving Nuthampstead east heading towards the sharp hill at Little Chishill, onwards passed the rally school and one of our favorite pubs The Bull in Lower Langley with Simons bike rattling over every bump we stopped for grease monkey Andrew to investigate. The investigation revealed that a front mudguard stay had become detached from the forks and if not corrected could have gone through the spokes catapulting Simon onto the road. With the aid of an allen key Simon was back in the saddle again.

Our route took us up the Roast Green passed Kell’s daughters house and down to the two Windmills where the flack began !!!  All four cyclists were enjoying the downhill section to Starling Green single file, when out of the blue a white transit van shot passed us at breakneck speed and swerved towards us in a very aggressive manner. Andrew was in the lead and expected it to be the typical White Van Man angry builder, however he was shocked to observe on the back door ‘—— Cycles’.

Not only has a van bearing the name of —– Cycles passed us before on a Monday evening at great speed but this is now the fourth time it has happened. Maurice plans to visit the shop shortly and make the owner aware of our concern.

Composing ourselves we continued up the quiet lane to Starlings Green onward to Brent Pelham and for the first time climbed up the concrete road to Whitebarns Farm with stunning views of the contryside and Furneux Pelham passing the church with the Time Flies Mind your Business on the tower.

We stopped briefly in Little Hormead where Andrew chatted to his Farrier. Next village to pass was Great Hormead  and onward to Anstey where the church bells were ringing somewhat I think out of tune or time ( I hope Two Scones Keith wasn’t suffering from a hangover as the sound would have been unbearable)

Finally three of the four took the twisty twiney road back to The Woodman while Mike Barker sped off taking the slightly longer route to the village.

Sortie 1 was delighted to see John, Lyn & Bridget comfortably propping up the bar and enjoying Stu’s hospitality.

In summary,  a lovely spring Monday evening ride slightly marred by ——- Cycles dangerous riving.


2 replies on “29 April. Two Sorties from Nuthampstead; Flack from a Cycle shop van”

Thank you for the feedback. First point i was not travelling at great speed as you put it. Also when i came up behind you you where two abreast in the middle of the road . slowed and waited to pass but you did not move , when you eventually noticed and moved over i passed slowly with two wheels on the verge.
Andrew hiding behind a keyboard is and not contacting me to discuss the alleged issues is a bit much.
As the issue of boycotting my shop as far as i am aware the only person from the club i see is Maurice .
Looking forward to a reply.


Hello Steve. I have removed the reference to your name as we cannot prove that you were the driver but have retained the reference to Royston Cycles because that is what Andrew and his colleagues on the ride witnessed, and not for the first time. I have also removed the reference to boycotting your business. Let’s hope we can all move on from this unfortunate incident.
If you wish me to remove these comments from the site as well, I would be happy to do that.


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