28 February 2019 – An Outing with French Tarts


It was the blackboard outside The Linton Kitchen that caught our eye; “French Tart Thursday” it proclaimed. Quick as a flash, we dismounted, abandoned the bikes and formed an orderly queue at the counter. The French tarts were indeed sublime – and the coffee was good too.

Andrew, Brian, Lawrence and Ken in The Linton Kitchen

Some two hours earlier eleven Windmillers had set off from Andrew’s house for our regular Thursday outing. Cresting the hill at Strethall, Martin persuaded us to follow him off road along a roughly gravelled, but thankfully dry, mile-long track through picturesque woods, emerging on a quiet lane just outside Elmdon. From there it was mostly downhill to Ickleton and then on to Hinxton, Duxford, Whittlesford, Sawston and Babraham, where we hauled the bikes up and over the A11 footbridge.

IMG_20190228_110737862_HDRBrian then led the way from Abington to Linton, home of the aforementioned French Tarts, before Andrew resumed the lead, guiding us back to Wendens Ambo where we met up with John Bagrie at The Bell. The beer was free flowing and the conversation wide ranging; everything from Ickleton level crossing woes to Mike Ashley’s sprawling business empire.

For the record, our team roster for the day was Ric, Victor, Simon, Sandra, Deborah (on a shiny new bike), Martin (Shorts? In February? Strewth!), Andrew, Graham, Ken, Lawrence and Brian.

Ric enjoying a cuppa
Simon & Victor – with Lawrence & Ken in the window

Thanks, Andrew, for getting us all organised.

Screenshot 2019-02-28 at 17.20.08
30 miles clockwise from Wendens Ambo


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